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Begin Bright Berwick is an award-winning School Readiness and Primary Tutoring Centre. With programs offered to children aged from 2 to 12, we aim to give children the best start to their education.

Meeting the objectives outlined by the Australian National Curriculum, the Begin Bright programs offer a path from childhood discovery and exploration, through to developing, improving, and extending your child’s literacy and numeracy comprehension.

Begin Bright fosters a sense of enjoyment putting creativity, discovery, and fun back into learning. Our tutors build confidence to enhance your child’s education journey.

The Pink program is designed to play with purpose. While each lesson revolves around craft, songs, exploring and playing, there is a main focus to introduce children to age appropriate concepts. This will give them a solid foundation for learning when they progress through the later levels of Begin Bright and go to school.

Green School Readiness is the perfect introduction to learning for little ones. Green level is suited to children who are two years away from going to school. It introduces all the letter names and sounds of the alphabet so that by the end of the year they have sound phonemic knowledge of the English Language. Numbers 1-10 are focussed on, so that children learn to recognise them visually, write them, show them on their fingers and represent them with concrete materials. Each class includes stories, songs, games and crafts.

Yellow School Readiness classes are designed especially for children starting school the following year. It introduces children to phonetic sound, numbers to 20 and handwriting skills. They learn to recognise these sound formations as letters, recognise their sound in words and write words containing the sounds. We focus on single sounds at the beginning, end and middle of three letter words. They will learn to recognise and write numbers 1-20 and learn to add single digit numbers.

All School Readiness classes are taught by qualified teachers who make learning fun.

Whether your child needs help to improve or extend themselves, we work with them to develop their skills. Individual and group classes are available.

Our School Holiday Workshops are designed to nurture the curiosity of our primary school children. The activities we offer are diverse with two 2 hour sessions per day.

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Nadine Curphey

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