About Us

Thanks to Preface Films for putting this video together for us.

Kids were dressed by Kids Love Rainbow Colours.

Earrings were supplied by Each To Own.

As a mum of 2 boys, I know how tough being a parent can be! We need tools to help make our life easier, which is why I created things for kids.

My first son came early at 36.5 weeks, was in the hospital for 10 days after he was born, cried nonstop because of reflux, struggled to breastfeed so I pumped for 2 months day and night, and it broke me. I always loved babies and was so excited to have my own, but I struggled day-to-day with my mental health. Looking back now I know that I had post-natal depression (PND).

I hated being at home and found being out about with him made me feel better, so I would spend hours online trying to find the right class or activity that happened on the correct day and time. I was able to connect with other mums from my mothers group by going to a kid-friendly cafe or playcentre. I could go to classes which would entertain my son like music, baby gym, swimming, soccer, nature play...you name it, I tried it ;) And my husband loved taking him to the parks and playgrounds around us, going as often as he could.

However, we soon tired of all the same places. We found the time it took to search online for activities arduous, and I wanted an easier option.

So I created things for kids, to help all the other parents out there who might be struggling with similar problems.

When we decided which categories of activities to put on the site, we added parks, playgrounds, kid-friendly cafes, points of interest, and playcentres - and we also decided to also include childcare options. We don't have any family support close by, so childcare has really been a saviour for us. Our boys love going and learn so much from other adults. It allows us both to have some me-time, to keep the household duties done and focus on our business.

Things for kids has not just been a tool to help others, but it has allowed me to learn so much about myself. It's given me focus and purpose outside of being a mum and wife. It's also taught me new skills, which will allow me to easier move back into the workforce in the future if I choose to do so. And it's also helped me be better at getting out of my comfort zone.

Anyone who runs their own business will tell you just how hard being an entrepreneur is and how you constantly have to do things that make you feel uncomfortable - but the rewards can far outweigh the uneasy feelings.

My goal with things for kids is to build an Australia-wide tool that helps encourage and support parents with children aged 0 - 10, simply by showing them what is outside their door. Sometimes heading out with a new baby can be so scary. Heading out with 2 kids for the first time was also hard. We want the site to take some stress out of being a parent.

I hope that things for kids is an easy-to-use time saver - and that it helps you to explore your local area, or adventure out into the unknown, safe in the knowledge that we have done the hard work for you. All you have to do is open the door.